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How KENResource gave this organization a vehicle for change?

As head of the HR information systems of a nationalized corporation, KENCloud faced a challenge. The challenge was to roll out a companywide HR digital system which would boast of a user-friendly interface. This challenge came at the time when the company was launching an ambitious five-year strategic transformation plan. It is interesting to note here that the transformation plan was built around structural trends like digitalization and centralization of data.

As centralization was the main theme of the transformation plan, the company heads wanted an HR system where data would be stored on a central cloud server. This is also the reason that this project also came to be known as OneHR. However, building a centralized human resource management structure also meant that the corporate group has to introduce new ways of management.

In this context, it is vital to note that Regional College of Management (RCM) had little experience of using companywide HR applications. This is the reason that the project directors of RCM started to fine-tune the organizational structure so that RCM can adapt itself to the technological change it would go through.

RCM chose KENResource to centralize its HR system. KENResource has already carved a niche for itself in the national and global markets. Implementing KENResource would augur well for RCM as it would allow the educational institute to digitize various HR activities that were often paper-based or Excel-based such as goal setting, performance assessment and attendance management. India is tiding through the digitization wave, and this made RCM adapt to KENResource.

The HR automation software in the form of KENResource is critical to the cultural change of RCM. It introduced a common language in which employees can interact with the HRM system. There is also no point in denying the fact that KENResource introduced new practices that were crucial for the success of RCM in the coming years. For instance, KENResource readily facilitated appraisal management as well as payroll information management flawlessly in RCM.

The more considerable ambition of RCM is to harmonize HR activities in various parts of the educational institute while promoting simplified and agile methods of working. In this way, employees moving from one part of the group to another are sure to encounter a system with which they are already acquainted. Employee mobility and automatic talent acquisition were two main underlying problems that challenged the performance of RCM. However, with KENResource, all these problems were addressed. KENResource also helped the educational institute to facilitate career development goals and self-assess competencies of its employees.

The cloud, by providing a way to support rapid change is proving itself a powerful tool for leading educational institutes like the RCM.