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KENReach as a mobile cloud application provides Cloud-based customized Mobile Applications engineered with the most advanced technologies that power mission-critical processes beyond mere automation.


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KENReach mobile applications are integrated with analytics which lets you track and analyze your business growth.

Allows you to customize the app the way you like it, by choosing colors, fonts, size, display and most importantly privacy settings to enhance customer experience.

Allows your customers to keep track of various products of your organization and also lets them to create wish list as per their preferences.

KENReach notification module enables you to broadcast updates, news and announcements to all the existing customers and registered mobile application users effectively.

Facilitates you with advanced tools that are required for you to group and manage the products/services you are offering.

Helps you in managing the diverse range of loyalty and reward programs for esteemed customers and also lets you manage financial and non-financial reward points effectively.

KENReach as a mobile cloud application lets you interact with your esteemed customers and track their comments about your products/ services on social media platforms.

Gives your customers a handy redefined search functionality to search the information they need using keywords and multiple filters quickly.

KENReach mobile application empowers your customers by providing a feedback form which enables them to raise their voice about the issues they are facing while using your products and services.

Provides your registered customers with futuristic tools that lets them personalize their account, create wish list, edit profile etc.