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KENMerchant is a simple and easy-to-use Retail Management System that delivers seamless and unified experience to the Retail entrepreneurs by simplifying the entire spectrum of Retail Management processes. It is fully-integrated with all the next-generation tools and methodologies that streamline the processes and aid in running the store efficiently to ensure captivating user experience.

Managing the ever changing demands of customers without embracing new technologies is a challenging task for any Retail entrepreneur. To help the retailers keep up, KENCloud has unveiled a Cloud-based Retail Management Software KENMerchant that combines all the key aspects of Retail industry including Store Operation Management, Account Management and many more.

The pre-loaded menus of the KENMerchant consolidates crucial data from each and every department of the Retail Enterprise and stores in a Cloud-based platform which allows the entrepreneurs to access from anywhere. This lets the Retailers to monitor, manage and track the end-to-end operations of various departments including Marketing, Logistics, Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Public Relation and other departments on a single platform effectively.

The flexible and robust-grade KENMerchant Software with all functionalities minimize the enterprise expenses and complications. It unites POS, CRM, E-commerce and Inventory to automate the tedious tasks of the Retail enterprise and empower Retailers to drive customer satisfaction across multiple channels and enhance the enterprise productivity.


KENMerchant enables to use many keyboard shortcuts in addition to several other useful ones. Apart from keyboard shortcuts, it also supports faster uploading of your files.


Few organizations have the tools to harness the true power of collaboration. KENMerchant promotes seamless group work via anytime, anywhere access, secure file- sharing and video conferencing.


KENMerchant boasts of enterprise-grade security infrastructure and controls definitely which enables smaller and large organizations to store data
in a secure manner.