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KENMedics, an ingenious Healthcare and Hospital Management system, is integrated with highly unique and futuristic features to magnify the productivity and profitability of the Healthcare organization. It is specifically designed to ensure timely Patientcare by improving operational efficiency and reducing inventory labor costs.


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The Pharmacy Management System seamlessly manages key functions related to pharmacy like distribution of drugs and also includes the close monitoring of the damaged and expired drugs stock.

Doctor Management module of KENMedics allows to registering the doctors, working in hospital as well as their clinic details, duty management of doctors and updates of complete appointment details with a patient health history. Here you can monitor, manage and modify the registration details of Doctors and patients.

Pharmacy Management Module of KENMedics features include but not limited to Purchase Indents & Orders, Goods Receipt Notes/ Purchase Returns, Drugs/Medical Supplies to patients & Wards, Batch & Expiry Management, Fast Moving/ Non Moving Drugs, Stock Transfer between Sub-Stores, Stock Reorder Reports, VAT Accounting, Drug Stocks (Company/Composition/category wise), Stock Ledgers and Stock Valuation and Supplier Outstanding. It provides all the master information of the pharmacy department such as Brand, Category, Counter, Formulation, Item Group, Items, Rack, Supplier and Unit.

Inventory module of KENMedics enables you to maintain all the transaction information of pharmacy. All the transactions information of Opening Stock, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, GRN, Indent, Indent Issue, Indent Receipt, Sale Invoice, Sale Return, Damage Stock and Stock Adjustment can be maintained.

Ambulance management module helps to manage ambulance service provided by the hospital or health care organization. This module mainly taking care the schedule of emergency service of the ambulance.

Ambulance module features are:

  • Alert notification of Normal Care/Critical care ambulance service.
  • Scheduling of ambulance /vehicle.
  • Accompanying doctor’s duty.
  • Daily running statistics of ambulance.

Leave management system is an automated leave management process in which the leave of the employee is applied, approved/rejected and the respectively leave balances are calculated. This module allows you to generate leave balance, leave encashment and leave reports with responding to the leave type and the leave rules and holiday lists. It allows you to:

  • Users can add new leave
  • An approved leave can be cancelled
  • Current Leave Balance can be viewed
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Users can check leave status
  • The approver is notified via email that there is a leave to approve
  • View the number of remaining leave days
  • View historical leave taken

All the pathological tests are performed and report is generated. KENMedics enables you to prepare the pathological reports for various formats and records the pathological finding against each items.


    • Receive Investigation Request from Outpatient & Inpatient Dept.
    • Patient Registration and receipts Printing
    • Investigation Sample Collection
    • Patient & Tests Sticker Printing
    • Integration with Patient Billing Module
    • Generate Investigation Reports
    • Warning & Alerts for Abnormal values
    • Consultant wise Test Report
    • Department wise Test Analysis
    • Reports Output to PDF
    • Reports validation before final printing for delivery to patients

Attendance management system is an automated system to calculate the daily attendance of the employee and finally decides the total working days and hours of the employee including the overtime done by the employee. Depending upon this the salary of the employee is decided. KENMedics allows you to keep track of the leave of the employee and the holiday list of the organization.

Payroll System is the process to calculate the individual employee salary taking the fixed, variable, miscellaneous detail and others benefits of each individual employee base on attendance. Sometimes pending arrears are also being calculated prior to the salary calculation and the same is finally included in the salary. The arrears are due to any changes is basic salary structure and the increment salary if not paid in due date because of not approval. KENMedics enables you to create and manage payroll processes including Payroll Period Setting, Salary Increments, Salary Amendment, Miscellaneous Earning, Miscellaneous Deduction, External Deduction, Travel Expenses Bill Payment, Other Expenses Claim Payment, Loan / Advance Disbursement, Performance Incentive Payment, Over Time, Increment Arrear, Probation Arrear, Promotion Arrear, Leave Arrear, Salary Calculation, Salary Confirmation, Salary Banks, Employee Salary Accounts, Salary Reports and ESS Salary

The Inventory Management tracks and manages the entire inventory, that includes the medical and non-medical items along with the sales and purchases.

The HR management system offers 360 degrees HR solutions in a healthcare organization by tracking employees’ performance and maintaining employees’ history within the healthcare organization. Human Resource module enables you to maintain and monitor all the information of the Human Resource department.It stores data related to all Departments, Designation and Employees including Employee Professional Details, Personal Details, Contact Details, Education Details, Nominee Details, Dependent Details, Health Details, Last Employment Details and Employee Document Details.

KENMedics offers the window to nursing or ward staff and facilitates them to manage their wards on a floor. Moreover, special units like ICU and OT are practically and effectively managed. Nursing module facilitates smooth flow of nursing activities in the hospital, nursing module helps developing a care plan to improve quality of patient care. Flow of information from other clinical modules ensures the nursing staff is well aware about each patient, giving them access to necessary clinical details. Some of the features of this module are Patient Charting, Clinical Data Integration, Better care planning and Drug administration.

KENMedics facilitates blood bank related activities like donor registration, physical examination, blood grouping, blood infectious tests, component separation and cross match. Blood Bank Management system is a browser based system that is designed to store process, retrieve and analyze information concerned with the administrative and inventory management with in a blood bank.


    • Group wise Donor Information.
    • Donor Card Generation.
    • Group wise Receipts.
    • Record Blood Transfusions.
    • Group wise Stocks.
    • Test Count Registers.
    • Camp Organization & Details.
    • Daily Quality Check Updating.
    • Expiry Tracking.
    • Test Analysis.
    • Donors List.

E-Prescription Management helps the pharmacist avoid misinterpretation of prescription and minimizes the time taken for the transaction.