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KENLogistics ERP system is integrated with a blend of modules that minimize the complexities involved in managing the Supply Chain and Distribution Management and allow companies to gain better control of their Operation and Administrative Environment. KENLogistics empowers the aspiring entrepreneurs by simplifying the entire Logistics and Distribution Management processes including Managing Warehouse, Processing Orders and Shipments with complete Accounting and Communication functionality.

Logistics and warehouse management is always regarded as the backbone of an organization which deals in supply chain operations. However, with changing trends and requirements of the market, the companies are emphasizing more on advanced technologies. In order to ensure the best possible outcomes, we are here to offer our clients an integrated warehouse and logistics software in the form of KENLogistics.

With the help of KENLogistics, one can easily control the warehouse activities coupled with shipment and supply chain operations. The Machine Learning Technology of KENLogistics™ offers end-to-end visibility to enable the enterprise to respond decisively to disruptions.

The advanced Cloud-based Logistics and Distribution Solution – KENLogistics automates the routine processes and streamlines the end-to-end Supply Chain Management. It helps the enterprises to achieve and maintain a competitive verge which is far more beneficial than the traditional ERP solutions.


KENLogistics enables to use many keyboard shortcuts in addition to several other useful ones. Apart from keyboard shortcuts, it also supports faster uploading of your files.


Few organizations have the tools to harness the true power of collaboration. KENLogistics promotes seamless group work via anytime, anywhere access, secure file- sharing and video conferencing.


KENLogistics boasts of enterprise-grade security infrastructure and controls definitely which enables smaller and large organizations to store data
in a secure manner.