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With the help of KENLogistics, one can easily control the warehouse activities coupled with shipment and supply chain operations. The Machine Learning Technology of KENLogistics™ offers end-to-end visibility to enable the enterprise to respond decisively to disruptions.


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KENLogistics blends the fleet forwarding operations with necessary documents in managing order procurement, shipping, etc.

The automated task prioritization and re-prioritization features of KENLogistics ensures that all supply chain assignments are completed on a priority basis.

It provides action automated alerts as well as notifications between external and internal users. It also facilitates ongoing updates of work processes.

With centralized vehicle management, various compliances such as driver license, road permits can be taken into account effectively.

Manage inventory operations and stock records with utmost ease. Pre-plan your requirements from multiple vendors with KENLogistics.

KENLogistics provides essential features to manage reverse logistics effectively and maintain a strong network between the vendors, end users and the merchants.

KENLogistics comes with an in-built tracking feature to track the merchandise on real time basis. With KENLogistics, you can also view and monitor current tracking numbers.

KENLogistics is integrated with GPS which further helps you to know the location of carriers and their drivers. It also facilitates route planning and helps in efficient shipment deliveries.

The freight management system ensures the correct maintenance of warehouse inventory levels and schedules deliveries and distributions.

With KENLogistics, you can now schedule production in an effective manner. This in turn helps you to predict demand of the products.