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In today’s era, simply having an E-store on internet is not enough to achieve business goals. No matter what type of products you are selling in your retail store, there will always be people who tends to buy your products online. KENCommerce is fully-integrated with Content Management System (CMS) which allows the admins to add or delete products, integrate multiple Payment Gateway options to accept online and offline payments, coupons space and other demanding features of shopping software to serve customers in a better way and stay ahead of the curve.

KENCommerce provides the retail enterprises with highly advanced digital platform which enables them to design and develop end-to-end Webstore software. The enterprise level E-commerce platform enables you to add or delete products, provides your customers with reward points, gift vouchers, count-down discounts on products, coupon codes etc. and increase your brand awareness.

The fully-functioning and responsive E-commerce ERP software is integrated with multiple payment Gateway options to enable you receive the payments from customers through Internet Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Mobile Wallets. KENCommerce also offers you a flexibility to accept payments from customers offline using the Cash On Delivery (COD) option to attract more customers.

As user (buyer/seller) point of view an E-commerce is a platform to buy and sale the product. In e-commerce website buyer views the product according to his/ her requirement, to freeze the requirement he/ she can use filters to narrow down to one particular product of his likes User can apply filters according to the price range/high popularity/price relevance low-high or high – low, etc. and add product to wish list/cart, then place order if he/ she is a registered customer, if in case buyer is unregistered user then he/she has to register himself/herself first, then he/she could place the order. At the time of placing order, he/ she has to put the billing/ delivery address for order delivery process.

On another case if user is a seller (merchant) then he/she needs to register himself/herself to the website, to create his/ her own store, at the time of registration he/ she need to give basic info, business details (PAN, GSTIN, etc.), Bank Account details, store details, product pickup address etc.


KENCommerce enables to use many keyboard shortcuts in addition to several other useful ones. Apart from keyboard shortcuts, it also supports faster uploading of your files.


Few organizations have the tools to harness the true power of collaboration. KENCommerce promotes seamless group work via anytime, anywhere access, secure file- sharing and video conferencing.


KENCommerce boasts of enterprise-grade security infrastructure and controls definitely which enables smaller and large organizations to store data
in a secure manner.