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KENCommerce is designed to bring in all the attributes of an E-Commerce software together in one integrated solution to improve the buying experience and encourage repeat visitors.


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KENCommerce ensures that information related abandoned shopping cart and low stock reaches you timely. It also comes with product review reports. The main responsibility of an inventory management system is to be able to track inventory levels, how much you have received, orders that have been filled, and when you need to order more. There are many ways to track inventory, barcodes, lot or batch Tracking, serialization and more.

KENCommerce’s interactive administrative dashboard provides you with charts and statistics. It also gives you the ability to change dashboard statistics to reflect specific date ranges. Configure Special Offers and E-mail Promotion by using history of sales reports. Create geographic promotions, based on product movement and popularity, down to the SKU level.

KENCommerce ensures that the process of credit card authorization is simplified through the payment gateway. It also aids in account verification through the payment gateway. It allows posting the necessary entries to the organization’s accounting system whenever a point is generated, redeemed or expired.

Multi-Tier Reward Programs are the same point count, continue point count, and difference point features as single reward programs. There can be an unlimited number of tiers, and each tier can provide a different bonus point amount while the member is active within the tier. The tiers have no expiration once reached unless the members total spend amount is manually changed. Tiered programs are customer loyalty programs that give different rewards based on what tier a customer is in. The tiers are set with milestones that a customer must pass in order to be part of the next tier.

KENCommerce ensures that an email is sent to your customer after he or she has completed the buying process in your online store. This helps the customers to stay updated about the status of their orders. Interestingly, it is also equipped with layers of encryption so that all the data related to the customer can be protected.

Our Delivery Management System (DMS) is designed to co-ordinate the entire booking process, preventing any un-booked deliveries delaying major critical path deliveries.

  • Helps in real-time data syncing to the server so that a clear picture of all current delivery activity is available.
  • Drive customer loyalty by providing them with a great order entry experience that speaks to the quality and reliability of your brand.
  • Give drivers and contractors the ability to track deliveries from anywhere.
  • Scan packages with the speed and precision of a dedicated barcode scanner.
  • It ensures that all deliveries go to the right place every time, and proof of delivery is recorded

This module provides operational teams with an interface for scheduling driver pick-ups and deliveries. With complete, end-to-end visibility of the delivery business as a whole, this module saves critical time identifying who a task should be assigned to.

With an entire product catalog at their fingertips, distributors and vendors can increase order frequency and drive customer loyalty. Distributors and vendors can empower their customers or employees to efficiently scan products and place orders.

Our Delivery Management System (DMS) is designed to co-ordinate the entire booking process, preventing any un-booked deliveries delaying major critical path deliveries.

  • Provide shortest and fastest routes to fleet using robust route optimization algorithm
  • Visualize and organize customer stops and routes on a map.
  • Move customers to other routes.
  • Enter special instructions between stops and directions from one house to the next.
  • View records of past deliveries, and specify a change in delivery date or change cutoff time.
  • Provide shortest and fastest routes to your fleet using robust route optimization algorithm.

Minimize stock on-hand and eliminate excess storage with the ability to calculate minimum order quantities and thresholds, based on previous order history and current inventory data.

Features of Inventory control are listed below:

Inventory list

View all your products as a complete list or organize by custom filters. Every product on the list displays stock on hand (for each location), committed stock (for each location), cost, moving average cost (MAC), reorder point, and stock history.

Product details

Each product can be edited to include information such as multiple images, variants, SKU code, barcode, supplier code, options, weight, buy price, multiple pricelists such as wholesale and retail, sellable option, taxable option, description, notes and pack sizes.

Product history

Each product has a detailed stock history, making it easy to see a comprehensive restock log for quantity, date and assigned team members.


Each product can contain separate variants with product options such as weight, size and color, as well as composite variants and pack sizes.

Composite variants & product kitting

Define groups of items that are sold as one unit.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanners can be used to search products by barcode, immediately entering item information into sales and purchase orders.

Stock adjustments

Increase and decrease stocks levels for new products, returns, damages, shrinkage, and promotions – which also works for multi-item stock adjustments.