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Get the most from Cloud with KENCloud

KENCloud subscription model is simplified for a universal usage in our eco system with best possible capability and standardization of pricing that you can closely avail. We’re making an update to the subscription so you can share it with more people and use it on more devices. KENCloud subscription allows you to get all the benefits, including premium versions and more. If you have any questions, you can find more info here and in our updated terms and conditions.


₹ 49, 800/-

  • OTS Charge (included)
  • IL (Standard) @Users - Minimum - 0 (included)
  • IL (Premium) licence - Minimum - 1 (included)
  • IL (Premium) Attached (IL Standard) - 5 (included)
  • EL (Visitor) @Users - Minimum -0 (included)
  • Boxing Months - 12 months (included)
  • Subscription MiniMonths - 3 months (included)