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Today’s students seek greater flexibility in fulfilling their career goals. The resource limitation and faculties deficit all over the world made it challenging for educational institutions to deliver best education environment. To cope up with this and achieve a standardized process, many educational institutions tend to switch to the Campus Management System.

Academic Management System is a robust functionality you need to manage the entire academic processes and student life cycle starting from course planning, student enrolment, and class registration to financial aid information and billing. It provides a centralized data warehouse that gives you a single source of information to make well-informed financial and operational decisions in real time.

The comprehensive dashboard lets the administrators to easily manage the multitude of activities involved in managing campus lifecycle. Being a cloud-based software, all the authorized people can access the data stored in KENCampus irrespective of location and time. It helps the educational institutions to stay ahead of the curve in terms of delivering quality education to the learners.

KENCampus is fully integrated with essential and most advanced technologies to enhance student – teacher and parent – teacher relationship. The built-in pulldown modules of the cloud-based ERP software like School Timetable, Students Attendance Management, Staff Management, Student Information System etc., enable you to easily manage your Students, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff members effectively.


KENCampus enables to use many keyboard shortcuts in addition to several other useful ones. Apart from keyboard shortcuts, it also supports faster uploading of your files.


Few organizations have the tools to harness the true power of collaboration. KENCampus promotes seamless group work via anytime, anywhere access, secure file- sharing and video conferencing.


KENCampus boasts of enterprise-grade security infrastructure and controls definitely which enables smaller and large organizations to store data
in a secure manner.