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KENCloud’s cloud-based robust grade Campus Management software – KENCampus enable you to optimally utilize digital medium for tracking the efficiency of all Campus Management processes.


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Enroll for academic courses and monitor the progress of students through the degree program with the flexibility to view course timetable and events in the calendar. Features of Enrollment are listed below:

Affiliation Management

Affiliation is the act of connecting or associating with an organization. An Affiliate organization operates independently, but also has a formal collaborative agreement with another, usually larger institution that may have some level of control or influence over its academic policies, standards or programs.

Course Management

Course Management provides an environment for course interactions. It allows you to automatically add new courses and modify existing courses in the system.

Subject Management

Subject management captures the subjects of different courses in an institution.

Batch Management

In educational institution subjects may vary time to time for a particular course and particular institution including elective subject. Through Batch management we can assign subjects to a batch of students according to the courses they have chosen.

It simplifies the process of information management in an organization. Thus we can retrieve any details regarding student, staffs, exams etc. Feature of Academic are listed below:


Automatically create and maintain academic schedules of students. Automated Timetable Management System allows you to easily create a unique timetable for each class and subject. Generate reports for different periods and automatically calculate absences.

Lesson Planning:

Lesson planning will keep information of different lesson planning of a subject like who will teach a lesson and the time table etc.

Assignment Setup:

Faculty members use Blackboard Assignments to manage the file upload of essays, papers or other documents submitted by students. Assignments allow students to type in a short answer or essay response and/or attach a document with their submission. Instructors can allow one or multiple attempts. Once student work is submitted, download the documents from the grade center one-by-one or as a “batch” per assignment. You can respond to each student separately with comments and attached files.

Assignment Import:

This facility is to import the student assignments from spread sheet to database.

Placement Setup:

The placement is an important element of your course structure, it comprises 25% of the total course duration, and it carries a 30 credit value and counts towards your final degree classification. The placement is intended to provide students with the opportunity to Experience the environment of a real workplace and how needs are identified and resources are acquired, allocated and used for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives and to Develop the interpersonal skills required to enable them to work efficiently as a member of a team trying to achieve organizational goals.

Placement Vendor:

It manages all the details of the recruiter company coming for placement in the campus.


It allows to manage all the student details who have attended the placement program including List of students who has qualified and not qualified.

Promotion and Alumni:

It allows to promote the students to the upper class or to Alumni section.

Enables faculty to upload question papers and create examination to students with dates and timings. Administrators can create exam venues, assign classrooms and invigilators, and generate results for all the students. Sub features of customer management includes:


Allows teachers to assess the proficiency of students and add custom fields for grading. Automatically calculate final grade based on standards, points system, weighted average and flow into the report card.

Exam Hall:

Let the administration allocate room for specific exam.

Assign Invigilator:

Assign the invigilator for the student to maintain the exam halls.

Semester Grade Sheet:

Let the administration prepare the grade sheet of the students to publish the result.

Transport Management System helps in effective maintenance of transport in institutions. It deals with various issues like optimum utilization of school transport and manage route and driver details also it facilitates better security to students.

Manage Transport data:

Set vehicle information including vehicle type, model, number, registration, capacity, etc.

Allocate vehicles for students:

Manage vehicle allocation during the academic year with proper allotment of vehicles to students including the boarding points and destinations in particular routes.

Manage Driver:

Keep tracks of driver details like adding new driver, assigned bus to driver.

Route Management:

Create, edit or delete vehicle routes along with bus stops and pick/drop timings using high quality digital mapping. Assign multiple routes to students at different timings.

Real-time vehicle tracking:

Accurately track vehicle location from anywhere, anytime using RFID, GPS and geo fencing to provide real-time visibility of vehicles and entry/exit of students.

Customized Reports:

Create customized reports of vehicle utilization, fee payments, violations, over speed, excessive stoppage time, and idle time etc.

Fee Collection takes care of the amount of fees paid by students for the respective courses opted. This module specially designed to give a precise idea to parents and also to the management regarding the fee structure of the institution.

Configure fee collection:

Configure fee collection based on various combinations and dependencies such as number of installments, late payment penalties, discounts, exemptions, taxes, and more.

Track fees:

Collect and track all types of student fee payments for courses, examination, tuition, textbooks, library, bus passes, and more. Track and monitor donations and contributions.

Online fee payments:

Enjoy easy, fast and secure collection of fees payable by students in installments, with less involvement of resources. Allow parents to pay online by integration with payment gateways.


Invoicing options for tuition, lunch and other student fees. Issue receipts automatically for paid invoices. Create a recurring invoices and automatic billing for repeat payment schedules.

Alerts & Reminders:

Send fee due alerts and reminders when payment is overdue at the exact time you specify via email, SMS and push notifications to ensure fee payments on time by students.

Manage Fee Import:

Import paid details and due details of individual student, course and batch.

Canteen Management System provides interface for numerous food outlets, menu design, billing features. The system will maintain available menus with their rates and quantity. The system is going to maintain a calendar for canteen so that administrators can preplan the menus for particular timeslot.

Hostel management gives on idea about how the students details, room allocation, mess expenditure is maintained in the particular concern. It provides quick and efficient means for gathering the student information along with their room, fees of students and check-in and checkout of the student.

A library management system, also known as an automated library system is software that has been developed to handle basic housekeeping functions of a library. It’s a well-organized software solution for a library. It helps to provide information on any book present in library to the user as well as staff member. It keeps a track of book issued, returned and added to library.

It Involves Optional progress monitoring and indicators showing total time outstanding to complete all current tasks, Recurring tasks and business date calculations, Automatic task scheduling, Automatic data backup.

Using the online calendar, colleges can schedule meetings, programs, holidays, and events for the targeted audience including students, faculty, parents and alumni.

Student performance can be calculated once in a year on the basis of their exam, sports and class performances. After preparing a detailed report, it will send to their parents.

The dedicated Human Resource module helps you to manage the staff’s attendance, Payroll and Leaves effectively.

Create student profiles with unlimited custom categories and fields including demographic data, enrollment, attendance, schedule and more, and share academic records with faculties, and administrators. Features in Student Management are listed below:

Student Enquiry Management:

This Student Admission Enquiry Management module is specially designed to answer all the questions and resolve the doubts and queries of parents/ students before they take admission in the school/ college. These queries are raised and resolved online. It is the initial process that the school/ college follows. Each student would get all the required information about the school and its reputation in the market before taking admission.

Student Admission:

Student Admission Management allows you to manage the admissions of all the students easily along with student’s basic details, family information, previous school details, transfer and birth certificate and report card with passport sized photo.

ID Card Generation:

It allows you to automate the process of generation of ID Card of all student and to generate ID cards as per your school design needs

Roll Number Allocation:

Student Roll No. Allocation allows you to automatically allocate roll no to all the students of the school belonging to different standard and Section.

Student Performance Management:

Tracks the performance of students at all grades and skill levels with powerful analysis provided by the Campus Management System.

Monitor attendance and leaves records of Students and streamlines the management and analysis of statutory attendance records.

SMS Alerts

Instant SMS will be sent to the parents on their children’s day-to-day activities, academic progress, report cards, fee structure, grades and performance reviews.

Reporting and analytics

Accurate reports on institution assets, fees, salaries, staff, students’ performance, expenses, profits and others to help you make better business decisions.