Intuitive Knowledge Capital and Campus Management On Cloud

KENCampus transforms each and every activity of all the parties involved in Campus Management including Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents with integrated features.

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Campus Management System to Maximize Campus Efficiency

KENCloud’s cloud-based robust grade Campus Management software – KENCampus enable you to optimally utilize digital medium for tracking the efficiency of all Campus Management processes. It automates different processes across multiple departments, faculties, teaching and non-teaching staff in schools and higher education to enhance the education sector right from the Admissions, Attendance, Campus Infrastructure, Hygiene to Surveillance.


The common problems educational organizations face because of the absence of campus management system


Lack of Transparency in Institution

Making decisions by analyzing inaccurate reports of the institute can be a fatal. KENCampus provides you with detailed accurate reports to let you take transparent decisions and enhances organization performance.

Lack of Administrative Efficiency

Managing student leaves, performance, fees and staff payrolls manually may lead to errors. KENCampus creates, tracks, monitors and automates all the administrative processes of the organization and improves administrative efficiency.

Tedious Tasks Involved in Campus Lifecycle

Campus management involves many tedious tasks including admission management, library management, examination scheduling etc., which makes it difficult for institutes to handle with traditional processes. KENCampus enables you to enhance the efficiency of every area of campus operations effectively.


Academic Management

Enables you to manage all the tasks involved in Admissions including Admissions, Attendance, Scheduling courses, Assigning teachers, Examination and much more.

Administrative Management

Fully-integrated dashboard lets you manage all the Administrative Management tasks of the institution such as Library, Hostel, Finance, Inventory, Transport, Placement and others.

Real-time Reporting

Tracks and facilitates reports on Student’s Attendance, Performance, Assessments, Grades etc., and send alerts to the parents.


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Technocrat KENCloud Partnered with India’s Best GSP Software

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KENCloud Technologies Ltd. has entered into a strategic partnership with the India’s best GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) – Excellon Software Pvt. Ltd. to ensure hassle-free GST migration for the clients.