5 Factors That Helped KENMedics to Achieve Place in 10 Best Healthcare Companies 2018

August 9, 2018

The ever-increasing demands of the Healthcare industry have made it imperative for Healthcare enterprises to adopt the technology-based solutions. Contrary, the higher prices of Management Software have influenced Startups and SMEs to search for the cost-effective Healthcare Solutions. To help the enterprises cope up with these challenges, KENCloud has unveiled KENMedics, a cloud-based Hospital Management Software.

Comprehensive Modules:

KENMedics is fully-integrated with comprehensive modules to address the increasing demands of the Healthcare enterprises. From scheduling appointments, accelerating pharmacy workflows to amalgamating entire functions of the Out-Patient Department (OPD), it allows doctors to manage everything hassle-free.

Demanding Features

KENMedics is designed with a keen focus to improve operational efficiencies, reduce inventory and leverage communication among various departments. The futuristic features of KENMedics including centralized Finance Support, Pharmacy Integration, Comprehensive Reporting, Automated Billing, Ambulance Support and others enhance the overall patientcare.

Interactive Interface:

KENMedics’s highly-interactive dashboard allows the administrators to manage the overall processes of the hospital easily. With graphically rich design and pre-populated menus, it streamlines the work procedures and maximizes the productivity.

Real-time Insights:

KENMedics arms Doctors and Physicians with sound and insightful data for the efficient running of all departments and facilities. By using the real-time insights, the health-care decision makers can easily find the issues and disrupts whenever happens and take necessary actions to resolve. With data being made available in the electronic form, there will be a lesser waiting time for patients and caregivers.

On-Cloud Healthcare Management Software

KENMedics offers healthcare decision-makers with a flexibility to increase or decrease the storage capacity based on the demand. And being a cloud-based system, entrepreneurs can access or edit the documents regardless of the geo-graphical location and time.

These factors influenced The Silicon Review to name KENMedics among the 10 best healthcare companies 2018 list. Contact our sales team today to integrate your hospital with next-generation Cloud-based Healthcare Management Software.