Implementation Partner

KENCloud’s implementation partnership programs aspires to offer a whole new level of partnership ecosystem in the software industry.

Innovation. Opporturtunity. Growth

The Implementation Partnership program of KENCloud is highly appreciated because of the detail in process and transparency in what is being communicated. These are the major attributes which has made this program scale up the demand in the market. The program has been designed keeping in mind the key elements of entrepreneurial success carefully crafted to suit the demographics of various business types and segments across India and abroad. With its wide range of benefits being solely designed to achieve higher share of success and drive home greater margins of profitability, the base of this relationship between the company and the KENCloud Implementation Partners is purely based on trust, reliability, transparency and greater profit share.

By being a part of KENCloud partner network, you are joining hands with one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in technology today. To ensure high-end implementations in every location of India, we include trained and certified partners into our dynamic family who are our available for the KENCloud implementations for both our new and existing clientele.

Focused Area's for Income

Our partners recognize themselves as the key business innovators by selling, executing, servicing and maintaining products and services in their local marketplace. This unique convergence of integrated partner program in which the partner sale our products directly through the retail channel also allows the complete environment of the partner network to earn a share of the revenue generated.

Our partner network have basically have three interesting areas of income.

The Partner's income avenues have been broKEN up on various stages of interaction of a prospective customer. Below is the segmented income groups of these stages as provisioned below:

Phase I :: Identify On Board

With Sales of software to different clients the commission range for the products will range from 7.5% to 15% based on the type, kind and section of the product. For every phase of the customer life cycle initiated through the lead source to the continuance of association of the customer with KENCloud™ the flow of revenue is always shared at all its stages to our implementation partner.

Phase II :: Consult Implement

By Implementation of the software the implementation partner, now our POR (Partner on Record), are given leads from KENCloud™ team and the client once routed to the POR always remains with the POR to maintain and service. Every customer who purchases our products from our retail store or directly from the company online, KENCloud™ team informs the POR of that particular area and the POR in return does the installation of the software. Commission Range is Fixed for each product.

Phase III :: Maintain Support

Maintain and Recharge All our products needs to be maintained and recharged on monthly/ Quarterly basis just like mobile recharges. This maintenance and recharge will also be taKEN care of the by our partners but the reminders are generated by team KENCloud. The implementation partner takes the responsibility of given recharges to the clients on regular basis. Commission Range 7.5% - 12.5% per one product.

Explore KENCloud Partner Schemes

KENCloud Women Entrepreneur Scheme

Research says that the biggest improvements in the field of world business had been achieve with the overwhelming increase in the percentage of women entrepreneurs who are using new technology and introducing innovative products. The development of women's entrepreneurship is a concrete method to enhance the income-generating capacity of women by promoting economic empowerment over the long term.

Our special Women Entrepreneur Scheme is specially are tailor-made to empower woman entrepreneurs in our ecosystem. This is a special enabler motivate women in all walks of life - Homemakers, Students, Professionals and Individuals to initiate a new dimension of enterprise in their stride to success.

Student Entrepreneur Scheme

Young college pass-outs possess loads of energy and exhibit more interest in starting their own business firm, possessing their own set of clients, building their own office, having their own workforce and creating a handsome bank balance of their own. To channelize this energy and passion, KENCloud™ provides a platform of business opportunity to this set of young and dynamic students who wants to earn more and grow more every day!

Our exciting Student Entrepreneur Scheme is designed to give normal graduate, IT graduate and post graduate students a chance to mobilize their potentials towards achieving their dream life! We support them in their take-off to success.

Leveraging Business Acumen

This scheme is specially built and designed for the corporate professionals so as to help them break free from the corporate drudgery, open new avenues of success and be the boss of their own life. The scheme contains 60% stock block financing for a period of 120 days revolving.