Channel Partner : Our Support, Your Business

If you are searching for a successful and powerful business platform to fuel your career success, then your search just ends here. KENCloud is now offering a golden chance to big business dreamers to achieve their most desirable business positions with its business-enabling resources and mighty partnership program. This elite partnership program has designed to sell, service and implement our solutions, products and services to worldwide customers across all industries through the large chain of KENCloud partners. KENCloud Partnership Program gives them the opportunities, customer and business market that is way beyond the reach of young entrepreneurs and small & medium business owners.

Connecting The Bridge Between KENCloud & Its Clients

At KENCloud, we divide the country with 25 business circles, where our channel partners will be deployed to create new business opportunities for us, from which they will get money rewards. Next, every circle will be stationed with one of our chosen Circle Partner, which we also referred as Super Stockiest. They will be counted as head of the partnership chain of every business circle. To facilitate the work of circle partners, we provide them sufficient manpower and other sales & marketing resources that is much needed to lunch and buildout a successful business platform.

To Level The Gap Between Channel Partners & Clients

Circle Distributors will work directly under the govern of circle partners. They will get KENCloud products from super stockiest and will deliver it near to implementation partners. They will work as the second highest position of KENCloud’s partnership chain and will get all the needed support to complete their business works with complete accuracy.

Benefits for Channel Partners

  • Longer credit period facility available for our super stockiest and circle distributers so that they don’t have to bother if they can't meet the payments at given period.
  • For our super stockiest and distributers we provide finance options for paid up stocks. So, those who are having difficulty in arranging finance can benefit from this.
  • If you are about to indulge yourself in a new investment, one of the things you have to consider is your Return on Investment (ROI). Our super stockiest and distributers are assured to get higher return on their investment.
  • With more than 15,000 foot on sales, support and partners, you can be assured to maximizing the benefits of investment without too much risk.
  • With having 21 products across 59 editions and more we provide end to end solutions for the virtual needs of any organization.
  • With our multi industry vertical, horizontal and vertical penetration you will obtain unlimited scope of progress.
  • Cross branding promotional opportunities can save businesses time and money and increase advertising exposure.

Rewards & Recognitions

Referral Bonus

All our channel partners have the freedom to approach other energetic entrepreneurs to join our business partnership network as ‘Referral Partner’. We take our chance to provide decent incentives and benefits to our channel partners who bring in new enthusiasm and bright entrepreneurs to become our implementation or channel partners whenever there is a position open. However, these referral bonus and awards are very discreet decisions and depends upon the quality of reference.

Acknowledging the achievements on social media

We never fall short of ideas to acknowledge the achievements of our esteemed partners. We live by the rule that our channel partners are our strategic and marketing partners. So whatever success we achieve it is also because of the hard work and dedication of our individual partners. We make a point that all the achievements of our partners are blasted in the social media so that everyone knows the level of performance they ooze.

Interesting Schemes

KENCloud has designed a significant number of incentive-based Monthly, Quarterly and Annual schemes for motivating, supporting and pumping enthusiasm amongst the partners in regular intervals. These schemes can be set on a single target or a wide range of targets or may be also dependent on a large variety of achievement factors.


At KENCloud, we help our network partners to sharpen their skills and enlightening their future way with this one of a kind business partnership program. With KENCloud, the world of outstanding career growth and the dream to build your own business world with lots & lots of rewards, profits and benefits will be in your hand. You will be offered with exclusive partner rewards that include monetary bonus, awards, trips, level-ups and so many other exciting & attractive guerdon depending on your performance, dedication and cooperation to our partner network. Ultimately KENCloud™ partner program is the unlimited source of rewards for our network partners, all you have to is take your chance.

Club Memberships

Our partners do not remain where they start from! and surely are not alone on the road to succeed Grow from an individual to being an enterprise, from enterprise move to the higher grades which we call our CLUBS. KENCloudunique proposition is of reinvesting in technology, training and being a partner in building strong partners into Cloud entrepreuners. Investment will range from 10 lakhs to 1 crore based on the club the partner is qualified for.