We’re a global leader in business & technology services. We deliver exclusive and innovative software solutions to enterprises irrespective of their size and growth.

KENCloud ERP is one of the most robust and innovative Cloud ERP solutions which helps you to realize your business goals. Our solutions for technology are designed to address complex applications across diverse enterprise environment.


KENCloud provides one of the most robust and innovative Cloud ERP solutions which enables an Integrated Enterprise Software environment to improve performance of your business.

It helps you computerize and coordinate all operations and procedures within your company. It allows your employees to team up with predesigned workflow. Since the requisition based on the web, it offers opportunity to gain access to data from anywhere of the world at the click of a button, which allows all the employees including the business owners to get access to the framework.

KENCloud has been delivering exclusive and innovative software solutions to enterprises irrespective of their size and growth. Our technical skills and expertise in various industry segments provides efficient and useful solutions to our customers to meet their specific industry needs.

We are specialized in delivering software Development services, cloud products & services, mobile application and desktop application, Digital marketing services, big data analytics services & SharePoint services to a rapidly increasing base of cherished customers. Our industry experts are holding wide range technical skills and knowledge.

Our industry vertical touches every industry as we are on-demand service providers. Still KENCloud is a market leader in providing its cloud ERP product & services to Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Logistics & supply chain industry.

KENCloud hosts a bouquet of services and cross-industry composite application deployed and developed in an environment of rich and advanced technology wrappers for implementation on a global scale. The KENCloud Ecosystem includes advanced analytics and reporting embedded deeply across various functional areas.


KENCloud lets the people from across the world with authorized access to view or edit the data stored in its cloud platform securely.

Cloud Portability

KENCloud cloud services enable enterprises to work in-house and eliminate dependency.

Integration of various technologies

Autonomous Integration Cloud is unique in the market by leveraging KENCloud application expertise to build an extensive library of adapters to KENCloud and 3rd party SaaS.

Expandability and Elasticity

Interestingly, elasticity is one of the essential features of cloud environment as it facilitates pay-per-use and eliminates the need for paying for infrastructure and resources.

KENCloud Cybersecurity Innovations

The emerging application-aware firewalls are enhancing both business applications protection and performance.


Customized cloud infrastructures and services are the only way for organizations to gain the maximum potential value from their investment on KENCloud.

The Cloud Ecosystem

KENCloud is an integrated cloud version of ERP solutions which incorporates and works seamlessly with your in-house infrastructure.