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KENMerchant facilitates the unique ability to engage shoppers in a consistent and personalized manner across all sales channels and touch points.

KENMerchant enables to optimize inventory levels, manage material movement, purchase-to-order, thus eliminating pilferage.

How can KENMerchant be beneficial for your business?

Maximize your retail business opportunities

To compete with digital retail stores, traditional retailers must develop their own distinctive capabilities and redefine the role of the store by leveraging both their physical and digital footprints. KENMerchant lets you do that!

Assists you to invest in the right areas

KENMerchant uses the fit for growth approach to help retailers identify and invest in the capabilities they need to win, while freeing up resources from other less critical areas.

Automates the key processes

KENMerchant provides advanced pricing and discount management features to automate the key processes in the segment & decrease pricing errors by 100%, thus leading to improve productivity.

Comprehensive Retail Software

The pre-loaded menus of the KENMerchant consolidates crucial data from each and every department of the Retail Enterprise and stores in a Cloud-based platform which allows the entrepreneurs to access from anywhere.

Unites POS, CRM, E-commerce and Inventory

It unites POS, CRM, E-commerce and Inventory to automate the tedious tasks of the Retail enterprise and empower Retailers to drive customer satisfaction across multiple channels.

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