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To succeed in today’s highly-competitive, and tech-enabled global business landscape, manufacturers must continuously optimize. KENProStats gets you there.

KENProStats offer the possibility of integrating the entire product life cycle into production planning and control.

How can KENProStats be beneficial for your business?

More efficient and flexible production processes

Production is the backbone of any manufacturing business. What makes KENProStats so great is that no matter what you are producing, abas can make your processes more efficient and flexible. abas ERP helps you manage the entirety of your production processes.

Facilitates work order management

With KENProStats, managing work orders has never been easier. With our simple and convenient dashboard, you can customize your work order management to suit your business needs. Quickly detect and resolve any bottlenecks or stocking issues.

Equipped with time recording features

KENProStats’ integrated time recording/job time management system allows your employees to easily record labor data from anywhere. From terminals or mobile devices, employees can enter in their data which is automatically synced into your system.

Accomplish organizational objectives like never before

KENProStats as a Production Management Software helps the business organization to attain all its objectives. It produces product that satisfy the customer’s wants and needs.

Helps an organization to face competition

KENProStats helps the firm to face competition within the market. This can be as a result of KENProStats produces product of right amount and right value and at the correct time.

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