Much of KENCloud’s success is attributed to its future workforce.

The future workforce carries out its role on basis of the Delivery Model, Business Model, Engagement Model and Execution Model.

Future Workforce

KENCloud has been delivering exclusive and innovative software solutions to enterprises irrespective of their size and growth. Our technical skills and expertise in various industry segments provides efficient and useful solutions to our customers to meet their specific industry needs. We are specialized in delivering software Development services, cloud products & services, mobile application and desktop application, Digital marketing services, big data analytics services & SharePoint services to a rapidly increasing base of cherished customers. Our industry experts are holding wide range technical skills and knowledge.

Leveraging on opportunities what makes us successful

We build partnership with leading businesses to transform and optimize our business infrastructure and deliver optimal business values to our worldwide audience. KENCloud is working together with major technology companies, electronic media, print media and business corporates to help its clients achieve their desired business goals with better efficiency, while maximizing productivity and benefits.

We are credible enough to take care of your business

KENCloud has been recognized as one of the Microsoft Windows Azure featured partners. Through its committed Cloud Solutions team, we offer customers the competence and tools required to planning, design, analysis, implement and deploy successful Windows Azure cloud system. We were accredited as a Windows featured Partner in terms of our wide expertise in planning and deploying cloud solutions based on the Windows Azure platform. Being also recognized as part of the Microsoft Windows Azure featured partner is a testimonial to our cloud services professionals delivering crucial public cloud services to our valued customers.

Our industry vertical touches every industry as we are on-demand service providers. Still KENCloud is a market leader in providing its cloud ERP product & services to Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Logistics & supply chain industries.

Our best in class technology models

Our technology models are best in the software market. Basically it consists of Delivery Model, Business Model, Engagement Model and Execution Model. We undertake onsite, offsite & Hybrid delivery model projects. We offer various Engagement models to our clients like Time & Material; Milestone based, dedicated development team based, Build- Operate-Transfer Model, Fixed Bid model etc. We have successfully handled various projects around the world. Our portfolio expands significantly every year. Our clients around the world are using our services, which includes Cloud Services, SharePoint Services, Big Data Analytics, Enterprise Mobility Services, and Digital Marketing Services like website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay-per-click Services, Online Reputation Management, and Conversion Rate Optimization etc.

At KENCloud, we are fully committed to serve our clients with leading technologies that can help them to meet the business qualities, which is mostly required during this competitive business environment. As a part to our commitment, we are now working together with some of the most renowned business profiles to achieve objectives that are mutually beneficial. We always have taken a strong interest in business alliances to surpass the business limitations and increase our brand power, so that we can gain better competitive edge to sustain our place among IT business leaders.