Why You Need a Responsive Website Design to Enhance the Productivity?

With the increasing usage of the internet on smartphones and tablets, it is being imperative for enterprises to create their presence in all the platforms. But, creating different websites designs for different platforms is time-consuming and costs much to the enterprises. Due to this many business people are looking for alternate options for doing so. Responsive Website Design is the ideal choice for making a quality website design for all the platforms at low costs. Here we’ve listed a few reasons why building a responsive website is necessary for your business.

Responsive Websites

Responsive website design is a revolutionary approach which allows the website design and code to respond to any size of a device’s screen. Be it a 4 inch android mobile, 40-inch display or any other high or low screen resolution, responsive websites will automatically adjust to the size of the screen.

Enhance Traffic

According to the reports, more than 60% of all web search traffic is coming from the smartphones and tablets. Even though your website contains valuable information, it can’t reach the users searching for your website via smartphone if it is not responsive. Due to this, you might miss the huge traffic coming from various mobile and Tablets. To avoid this, you need to have a mobile responsive website which makes it easier for your customers to access via smartphones or tablets in their free times.

Conversion and Bounce Rates

Conversion and Bounce rates play a key role in the productivity of any business. People always search and stays more time on the websites which downloads fast and provides better information. If your website is hard for the users to find the content they are searching for, they won’t hesitate to shift to the competitors instantly. Responsive websites can make the users stay more time in the webpage which improves and Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate.

Easier to Maintain

It is obvious that enterprises need to have websites for all the platforms. Building and maintaining different websites for different platforms i.e., PC, smartphone and tabs, cost much for the enterprises and consumes more time. On the other hand, a single responsive website layout that works seamlessly across all the platforms provide your users with a better experience.

Building a highly responsive site is not an easy task. It involves various processes, including website designing, website developing, Content Management System (CMS) and others. Hire any of the passionate developers at KENCloud who can help you in building a responsive website using KENResponse and helps you enhance your customer experience and increase enterprise productivity.