Misconceptions About Cloud Based POS Application; Here Are the Facts

From shopping malls to the FMCG stores, where the financial transactions happen often, Point of sales (POS) software plays a vital role. To simplify the processes, most of the enterprises integrate their in-house infrastructure with POS Application. However, to make it simpler, many tends to invest in Cloud-based POS software which can be used regardless of geographical location and time. But, there are a few misconceptions about on-Cloud POS systems which are not letting many enterprises to invest in it. Here we have briefed a few to make the people understand the facts.

Misconception About Security

Enterprises holds tons of business-critical data, which needs to be secure always. Particularly, the financial transactions data should be more secure. When thinking about the Cloud-based POS, many people concern about the security. This misconception is due to the lack of knowledge of the working process of the Cloud-based POS system.


The data collected by the traditional POS solutions would reside on site in a backroom which make it vulnerable to hackers and catastrophic failure due to accidents like fire, floods or others. Unlike the traditional POS systems, the data collected by the Cloud-based retail POS systems will be stored in a private highly secure Cloud system that are typically in several geographical locations. So, a well-designed Cloud based software will provide a much higher level of security through encryption and multiple backups.

Misconception About Internet Connectivity

Many people think, cloud-based POS applications need continuous internet access and the software will stop working when there is no internet connection. Due to this, they will not prefer opting the cloud-based system.


Cloud-based systems will have some internal memory (up to 25 megabytes approx.). The financial transactions data collected when the internet is down will be saved in the internal memory and synchronized when proper internet connection was there. Hence, when using the Cloud-based systems, all the data will be safe against power outages as well.

Misconception About Setup and Operation

There was a myth that, Cloud-based POS being an advanced technology solution, costs much which is unaffordable. Many people think, only skilled people with relevant experience in operating the technologies can setup and operate the POS system.


Cloud-based POS system setup is extremely inexpensive when compared to the installation charges of the traditional POS system. Adding to this, the flexibility to increase the capacity of the storage in a cloud-based system could become a financially friendly option. Unlike the traditional POS system which requires technicians visit in person in case of any malfunction, the issues of cloud-based systems can be resolved remotely which saves much time and expenses.

Hence, it is always advisable to invest in Cloud-based POS systems when compared to the traditional POS systems. The integrated features of the cloud-based system will help the enterprises to provide a better experience for their customers by streamlining the process and reducing waiting times.