Stay Ahead on Cloud curve with KENCloud

KENCloud provides an enticing combination of cloud based products and solutions that are robust and scalable with a prime focus on catering to an enterprises' requirements.

Integration of various Technologies

KENCloud Autonomous Integration Cloud eliminates barriers between business applications through a combination of machine learning, embedded best-practice guidance, prebuilt integration, and process automation.

Autonomous Integration Cloud is unique in the market by leveraging KENCloud application expertise to build an extensive library of adapters to KENCloud and 3rd party SaaS and on-premises applications to enable you to deliver new business services faster.

Our partnership with Microsoft Windows Azure has enabled us to adopt best-in-class techniques and approaches to provide a comprehensive suite of services ranging from defining database to data archival in a blanket of advanced technology wrappers.

Whether you need infinitely scalable could applications and APIs, private provision networks, reliable content delivery network with broad global reach or Azure container service to simplify the data deployment you can rely on KENCloud. Our services include Azure SQL database, elastic data warehouses, Storage Account (Blob, Queue, Tables), Service Bus (Queue and Topics), Web Jobs, Traffic Manager, Azure DNS, CDN, Azure API and other Windows Azure services.

The KENCloud ecosystem is built on the base of Blockchain concept – ‘Decoupled entities and Endless Expansion' which is programmed to be immutable. The decoupled entities concept of Blockchain combined with cryptography has made the Blockchain technology as the most secure ledger to date.

The highly encrypted entities of Blockchain database have a potential to provide unsurpassed security by minimizing the ever-increasing modern-day cybersecurity threats like phishing, malware and unauthorized access related issues in the unsecured internet.

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