Stay Ahead on Cloud curve with KENCloud

KENCloud provides an enticing combination of cloud based products and solutions that are robust and scalable with a prime focus on catering to an enterprises' requirements.

Expandability and Elasticity

Elastic computing is a highlighting feature of KENCloud in which computing resources can be scaled up and down easily by the cloud service provider as per your requirement. KENCloud gives you the authority of computing power when and wherever required by you.

The elasticity of these assets relies upon the accompanying elements, for example, preparing power, stockpiling, data transfer capacity, and so on. The flexibility of KENCloud is one of the key components that separate distributed computing from other innovation.

Interestingly, elasticity is one of the essential features of cloud environment as it facilitates pay-per-use and eliminates the need for paying for infrastructure and resources. KENCloud with its elasticity makes sure that organizations can spare permitting expenses and eliminate the need for overhead charges. The elastic feature in KENCloud also ensures that there is the nonstop accessibility of various archives and records. In this manner, our clients can view and change decisions.

We, at KENCloud, have built our Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications on Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms which enable our in-house IT infrastructure systems to sense and act without being explicitly programmed intelligently. Our machine learning software is specifically designed to continuously assess the hidden insights data and enhance the systems to respond proactively.

All the resource groups at KENCloud are provisioned with a blanket of unified Global Domain Name System (DNS) to ensure global delivery scale environment to our customers which boasts of elasticity.

The Windows Azure powered DNS has enabled us to use various outstanding enterprise-grade features including but not restricted to ultra-high availability, industry best-of-breed appliances, scalable, elastic and secured services. We have also embedded the resource groups with the Windows Azure Traffic Manager to ensure the distribution of traffic through the load balancer engine for high efficiency and expandability for the convenience of our users.

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