Stay Ahead on Cloud curve with KENCloud

KENCloud provides an enticing combination of cloud based products and solutions that are robust and scalable with a prime focus on catering to an enterprises' requirements.

Cloud Portability

Enterprises around the world are increasingly turned towards cloud-based solutions to drive the digital transformation.

Both large-scale and SMEs are taking a pledge to go ‘cloud first' owing to numerous benefits including reduced total ownership cost, higher flexibility along with improved collaboration. But, the portability and interoperability are resisting organizations to move to a cloud platform.

Cloud portability lets the data transfer from one cloud service to another without losing out on any bits of information. Interoperability emphases on the capability of the cloud system components such as Hardware, Virtualization, Application Framework, Middleware, Data Security, Operating Systems, Networks, and others to work in the new cloud environment seamlessly.

KENCloud implements advanced cloud practices that let the clients transfer their data from one cloud server to another hassle-free without any data loss. KENCloud evaluates the complexities involved in migrating the business critical-data and handwork in hand with your in-house team to ensure that not even a single bit of data loss migration process.

KENCloud ecosystem components support all the applications irrespective of the language they are and smoothly integrates with other platforms making the data porting almost effortless. KENCloud cloud services enable enterprises to work in-house and eliminate dependency. The interoperability between all the cloud application services such as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS and others related to self-service is assessed.

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