Stay Ahead on Cloud curve with KENCloud

KENCloud provides an enticing combination of cloud based products and solutions that are robust and scalable with a prime focus on catering to an enterprises' requirements.

Cloud EcoSystem

Cloud computing is the revolutionary advancement in the fastest growing Information Technology world which is changing the way the entrepreneurs managing their businesses.

The collection of computer servers maintained by a cloud service provider to provide the cloud computing services on a massive scale is termed as Cloud data server cluster.

The Cloud Ecosystem is a complex system of interdependent components that all work together to enable the users to access the data stored in cloud platform irrespective of geographical location and time. Cloud Computing also lets the authorized people access the data using various devices including mobiles, tablets and others securely.

KENCloud is an integrated cloud version of ERP solutions which incorporates and works seamlessly with your in-house infrastructure. We, at KENCloud helping our clients in their digital transformation journey by leveraging the complete Cloud Ecosystem.

Cloud computing comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes and essentially three main aspects of Cloud Computing which comprises of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). KENCloud offers a range of cloud-based technology solutions wrapped in a rich blanket of technologies to streamline the enterprise processes and help the aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their business objectives.

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